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The project will use models that have been developed by previous European funded projects and other internationally recognised models that enhance the quality of ICT uptake in Higher Education and have proven their effectiveness in Europe and elsewhere. Through the organisation of conferences, workshops and training events, excellence models and tools will be presented to delegates from HE institutions. Furthermore the partners of the consortium will use their extensive membership for targeted awareness raising campaigns and communication activities. This way, we aim to accelerate the uptake and create awareness in the European HE community on the importance of a mainstreamed ICT uptake.


The specific objectives of this project will be to:

  • Convince governments, universities and QA agencies of the necessity to have a QA approach for e-Learning provision
  • To raise awareness on Open and flexible learning among higher education institutions and networks in the form of lobby activities, profiling and conference presentations throughout the mainstream education channels.
  • Further disseminate instruments for different applications of QA and a clear summary of the available method and to promote UNIQUe and E-xcellence as examples of these instruments, promoted towards the same or different stakeholders (sometimes overlap).
  • To support universities in the adoption of a QA and e-Learning strategy, through dissemination and training activities.


WP 1. Management (EADTU)
WP 2. Excellence examples showcase (EFQUEL)
WP 3. European Conferences on Excellence (EADTU)
WP 4. Exploitation and Sustainability (EFQUEL)
WP 5. Dissemination (EADTU)
WP 6. Quality evaluation (EFQUEL+ External Evaluator)